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Boston Red Sox: Team Needs

Yes, the Red Sox slump is over and they are showing their true colors.  With a 44-29 mark, best in the American League, you would think they are the perfect team, yes? Think again.  Sure, they have the perennial All-Stars in AGon, Pedroia, Youkilis, Ellsbury, Crawford, Lester, Buchholz, Beckett, and Papelbon, but they are still missing some key pieces.  First off, the right field situation is really up in the air.  They have JD Drew, who of which is posting pedestrian statistics (4 HR, 18 RBI) and a line of .235/.335/.335.  He is clearly  not the answer for a World Series caliber team.  On top of that, he has already discussed retirement.  What the Sox need to do, and this is just an opinion, is to give Josh Reddick and Ryan Kalish more playing time, regardless of Kalish’s injury earlier this season and test them in hot water.  With Carl Crawford on the DL we got to see a glimpse of Reddick today who started in LF and went 2-4 with an RBI.  Reddick also holds a .412 AVG in his brief Major League season (21 PA’s).  If he can continue to produce, stick with him, if not shop around, here are some potentially available RF’s:

Ryan Ludwick – Batting a reasonable .255, he also has some pop (9 HR).  Could be a decent option for the Sox.  Only problem: Making $6.78MM this season.

Jason Kubel – If the Twins are 15 game out come the deadline, this guy will be shopped.  Batting .310 with 5 HR and 30 RBI, Kubel can offer a lot to a Red Sox team in the mix for a World Series run.


That is just a sample.  Although I doubt the Red Sox will go searching for a RF, they need to address the need one way or another via trade or talent on the farm.


Will the Red Sox try to acquire a RF or will we continue to see the Reddick/Drew and possible the Kalish platoon the rest of the season?


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