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Trade Deadline Review

It’s funny that how after a week Hunter Pence, Carlos Beltran, Ubaldo Jimenez, Mike Adams, Koji Uehara, Derrek Lee and Erik Bedard all have new homes.  The Giants kicked off the trading when they traded top pitching prospect to the New York Mets for OF, Carlos Beltran.  Beltran, 34, is coming off of 2 extremely injury proen seasons in which he played for a combined 145 games, is having a very productive season.  Thus far, he has belted 15 homeruns and has posted a line of .281/.382/.496.  Upon joining the Giants, Beltran became the team leader in HR, RBI, and many other categories.  The Giants needed an impact bat to conquer the Phitin’ Phils again this postseason.

To no one’s surprise, Ruben Amaro stunned us again on July 29th in which he traded top prospects Jonathan Singleton, Jarred Cosart, Josh Zeid and a PTBNL.  Acquiring Pence made the Phillies lineup even more dangerous.  Now Pence will hit behind Ryan Howard.  Fun fact: Ruben Amaro has made all his major trades the past 3 years on July 29th. Acquiring Pence leveled the playing field between both the Giants and Phillies.

Another team in the NL East made a splash today.  Who? The Atlanta Braves acquiring CF, Michael Bourn in a trade that involved Jordan Schafer.  All might assume with the Giants and Phillies acquisitions the Braves where out of contention, but not so fast!  With Bourn, the Braves finally acquired the lead-off man they have been searching for, for quite some time.

Turn you’re attention to the AL Central where the Indians made arguably the biggest trade of the deadline, acquiring SP Ubaldo Jimenez.  Jimenez, has had his struggles this season in which he has posted a 4.46 ERA thus far with Colorado.  The Indians send top draft pick Drew Pomeranz, Alex White, Joe Gardner and Matt McBride.  Nice job, Cleveland.

As if the Rangers weren’t lethal enough, they got even better.  The Rangers acquired Koji Uehara and Mike Adams from the Orioles and Padres (respectively).  The Rangers acquired Mike Adams for Robbie Erlin and Joe Wieland.  Both are considered to be the best RH and LH pitchers in the Rangers system.  Great move.  Hold up.  We’re missing something… Oh right! Koji Uehara.  The Rangers sent Tommy Hunter and Chris Davis to the O’s for Uehara.  This season his opponents have only posted a batting average of .152, not to mention his 1.72 ERA in 47 IP this season.

Overall, after the deadline, I can see a Rangers/Phillies World Series.  How could you not? The Rangers have a potent offense, have gotten some great pitching, and will lock you down after the 6th inning.  The Phillies have the Big-3, a great offense and with Bastardo, Madson in the ‘pen, how can you go wrong?  Might not be Texas’ bullpen but quality at that.


Winners: Texas Rangers, Philadelphia Phillies, Cleveland Indians, Atlanta Braves

Losers: Houston Astros, Cincinnati Reds, Boston Red Sox, Washington Nationals

Rays announce they will field offers for Niemann, Davis

Now 9.5 games out of the AL East and 7.5 out in the Wild Card, it’s looking more and more like the Rays will become sellers.  Among the players they will shop include Johnny Damon, Casey Kotchman, BJ Upton, and wait for it….. Jeff Niemann and Wade Davis.  We learned yesterday that Joe Maddon had discussed “between 64-66 possible trade scenarios” with VP Andrew Friedman and NONE included James Shields.  So, with that said, it looks like Wade Davis and Jeff Niemann could be finding a new home.  Davis, who is only 25 years old, is signed for $10.1MM with 3 options from 2015-2017.  In my opinion, the same teams interested in Shields will be interested in both of these players.

Richard’s Take: Trade Candidate Destinations

Welcome back to my blog.  Yes, it has been a while since I’ve posted, but I’d like to come back with a read that all baseball fans really look to read…. Where will players be traded?  Now, I’m sure most of you are avid MLBTR readers (as am I) and there are countless rumors on where this or that player will go, well here are my predictions for some of the top trade candidates:


BJ Upton (TB) – Now, I’m personally a Rays fan and I would not be heartbroken by any stretch if Upton was traded.  He is only 26 and has a very high ceiling. Personally, I think after the great rookie season he had (in which he posted a line of .300/.386/.508), he’s all these expectations.  Now Upton is probably one of the best OF trade commodities. Pros: Great defense, speed, pop.  Cons: Low average, shows signs of laziness.  I think Upton needs a change of scenary and there is no place better than the Washington Nationals.  Sure, the Nats are looking for a long-term player to take over the CF duties from Rick Ankiel, but Upton might only be worth $6-$8MM per year.  Washington would be great, he would in the National League where he would get to play his brother more often and would play with childhood friend, Ryan Zimmerman.  Now, I’m not sure what the Rays can get back for Upton, but if I had to guess, a B prospect.


Carlos Beltran (NYM) – Beltran has many suitors.  They consist of the Red Sox, Giants, Phillies, and maybe 13 other teams.  Let’s elimate a few.  Red Sox, no, there farm system is picked clean after the Adrian Gonzalez trade.  Giants, no.  Brandon Belt, Zack Wheeler and other top prospects are “all but untouchable.”  With that said, the Mets aren’t going to settle on a C prospect for a player that is having a great season. Beltran, however, fits the criteria for San Fran.  They need an everyday RF and can compete for a championship.  Again.  But with the Giants front office refusing to trade ANY top guys, I’m just not sure.  To be honest, I think the Pirates have probably the best shot.  Yes, the Pirates.  I think they are in to win it this year.  All bets off.  I think the deal will be centered around catching prospect Tony Sanchez.  Top 3 candidates: Pirates, Giants, Phillies.


Ubaldo Jiminez (COL) – He will not be traded.  Of course, the Rockies are dangling him, but why not?  Field some offers, see what you can get and maybe an offseason trade?  Either way, Ubaldo is sticking around.

There is a small sample.  I will write more. However, as of now, my son is being fussy so I must stop.  Thanks for reading and come back soon!


Boston Red Sox: Team Needs

Yes, the Red Sox slump is over and they are showing their true colors.  With a 44-29 mark, best in the American League, you would think they are the perfect team, yes? Think again.  Sure, they have the perennial All-Stars in AGon, Pedroia, Youkilis, Ellsbury, Crawford, Lester, Buchholz, Beckett, and Papelbon, but they are still missing some key pieces.  First off, the right field situation is really up in the air.  They have JD Drew, who of which is posting pedestrian statistics (4 HR, 18 RBI) and a line of .235/.335/.335.  He is clearly  not the answer for a World Series caliber team.  On top of that, he has already discussed retirement.  What the Sox need to do, and this is just an opinion, is to give Josh Reddick and Ryan Kalish more playing time, regardless of Kalish’s injury earlier this season and test them in hot water.  With Carl Crawford on the DL we got to see a glimpse of Reddick today who started in LF and went 2-4 with an RBI.  Reddick also holds a .412 AVG in his brief Major League season (21 PA’s).  If he can continue to produce, stick with him, if not shop around, here are some potentially available RF’s:

Ryan Ludwick – Batting a reasonable .255, he also has some pop (9 HR).  Could be a decent option for the Sox.  Only problem: Making $6.78MM this season.

Jason Kubel – If the Twins are 15 game out come the deadline, this guy will be shopped.  Batting .310 with 5 HR and 30 RBI, Kubel can offer a lot to a Red Sox team in the mix for a World Series run.


That is just a sample.  Although I doubt the Red Sox will go searching for a RF, they need to address the need one way or another via trade or talent on the farm.


Will the Red Sox try to acquire a RF or will we continue to see the Reddick/Drew and possible the Kalish platoon the rest of the season?

All Star Voting: My Take

I’m completely, 100% stunned at the All-Star voting this season.  Seriously? 8 Yankees, just no.  It’s well established that I’m a Rays fan, but that doesn’t mean I knock the Yanks, because I don’t.  I’ve voted my max 25 teams, here’s who I voted for


American League:


Catcher: Joe Mauer

1B: Adrian Gonzalez

2B: Robinson Cano

SS: Asdrubal Cabrera

3B: Evan Longoria

OF: Curtis Granderson

OF: Josh Hamilton

OF: Jose Bautista

DH: David Ortiz

SP: Jon Lester


National League:

C: Brian McCann

1B: Albert Pujols

2B: Brandon Phillips

SS: Jose Reyes

3B: Ryan Zimmerman

OF: Andre Ethier

OF: Andrew McCutchen

OF: Lance Berkman

SP: Roy Halladay

Top Fantasy Players to Pick Up

Starting Pitchers:

Brandon Beachy

Mike Leake

Jason Marquis

Bartolo Colon


Fernando Salas

Brandon League

Jon Rauch

Sergio Santos


Alex Avila

Yorvit Torrealba

Yadier Molina

Wilson Ramos

First Base:

Brett Wallace

Justin Smoak

Juan Rivera

Ike Davis

Second Base:

Darwin Barney

Juan Uribe

Mike Aviles

Angel Sanchez

Third Base:

David Freese

Ryan Roberts

Jack Hanahan

Wilson Betemit


Ian Desmond

Orlando Cabrera

Maicer Izturis


Alfonso Soriano

Chris Coghlan

Matt Joyce