Trade Deadline Review

It’s funny that how after a week Hunter Pence, Carlos Beltran, Ubaldo Jimenez, Mike Adams, Koji Uehara, Derrek Lee and Erik Bedard all have new homes.  The Giants kicked off the trading when they traded top pitching prospect to the New York Mets for OF, Carlos Beltran.  Beltran, 34, is coming off of 2 extremely injury proen seasons in which he played for a combined 145 games, is having a very productive season.  Thus far, he has belted 15 homeruns and has posted a line of .281/.382/.496.  Upon joining the Giants, Beltran became the team leader in HR, RBI, and many other categories.  The Giants needed an impact bat to conquer the Phitin’ Phils again this postseason.

To no one’s surprise, Ruben Amaro stunned us again on July 29th in which he traded top prospects Jonathan Singleton, Jarred Cosart, Josh Zeid and a PTBNL.  Acquiring Pence made the Phillies lineup even more dangerous.  Now Pence will hit behind Ryan Howard.  Fun fact: Ruben Amaro has made all his major trades the past 3 years on July 29th. Acquiring Pence leveled the playing field between both the Giants and Phillies.

Another team in the NL East made a splash today.  Who? The Atlanta Braves acquiring CF, Michael Bourn in a trade that involved Jordan Schafer.  All might assume with the Giants and Phillies acquisitions the Braves where out of contention, but not so fast!  With Bourn, the Braves finally acquired the lead-off man they have been searching for, for quite some time.

Turn you’re attention to the AL Central where the Indians made arguably the biggest trade of the deadline, acquiring SP Ubaldo Jimenez.  Jimenez, has had his struggles this season in which he has posted a 4.46 ERA thus far with Colorado.  The Indians send top draft pick Drew Pomeranz, Alex White, Joe Gardner and Matt McBride.  Nice job, Cleveland.

As if the Rangers weren’t lethal enough, they got even better.  The Rangers acquired Koji Uehara and Mike Adams from the Orioles and Padres (respectively).  The Rangers acquired Mike Adams for Robbie Erlin and Joe Wieland.  Both are considered to be the best RH and LH pitchers in the Rangers system.  Great move.  Hold up.  We’re missing something… Oh right! Koji Uehara.  The Rangers sent Tommy Hunter and Chris Davis to the O’s for Uehara.  This season his opponents have only posted a batting average of .152, not to mention his 1.72 ERA in 47 IP this season.

Overall, after the deadline, I can see a Rangers/Phillies World Series.  How could you not? The Rangers have a potent offense, have gotten some great pitching, and will lock you down after the 6th inning.  The Phillies have the Big-3, a great offense and with Bastardo, Madson in the ‘pen, how can you go wrong?  Might not be Texas’ bullpen but quality at that.


Winners: Texas Rangers, Philadelphia Phillies, Cleveland Indians, Atlanta Braves

Losers: Houston Astros, Cincinnati Reds, Boston Red Sox, Washington Nationals


Angels Designate Bulger; Activate Piniero, Downs

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim have announced they are designating relief pitcher, Jason Bulger for assignment.  This comes after the team optioned Matt Palmer to Triple-A.  After these moves, the Angels activated Joel Piniero and Scott Downs from the disabled list.

Bulger who is still at a ripe age of 32 pitched quite well for the big league club.  He was 0-1 but posted a 0.96 ERA in 5 games.  The one thing, however, that is detrimental to his cause are his walks (10) are higher than his strike outs (7).  I expect someone will claim him.  Maybe another Pirates claim?  Bulger has been with the Angels most of his career after being drafted by the Arizona Diamondbacks in the 1st round of the 2001 draft and soon traded to the Angels for again-Angel Alberto Callaspo.  Bulger made just over $1.2MM with the Halo’s

Piniero has been activated after a lingering shoulder injury.  In Piniero’s first season after signing a 2yr/$16MM deal with the Halo’s in the 2010 offseason, he went 10-7 with a 3.84 ERA with 92 K’s over 152.1 IP. One thing about Piniero is he doesn’t strike a lot of guys out, a lifetime 5.9K/9.  If we take a step back, Piniero earned this deal after a stunning 2009 with the Cards were he went 15-12 with a 3.49 ERA and pitched 214 innings.  The Angels are hoping they can receive more of Piniero’s 2009 and 2010 success to help bolster what is already a solid rotation with Haren and Weaver manning the top of it.

Scott Downs was one of the most highly rated relievers on the market this past off-season and managed to score a 3yr/$15MM deal with the Angels.  Downs was 1 of 5 relievers to sign 3 year deals.  The others include Jesse Crain, Rafael Soriano, Joaquin Benoit, and Matt Guerrier.  Downs was the 3rd highest paid out of the bunch with Soriano receiving $35MM over 3 seasons with the Yankees and Benoit receiving $16.5MM with the Tigers.  Downs has only appears in 2 games this season totaling 1.2 innings pitched.

Trade Candidate: Grady Sizemore

Once praised as a top player in all of baseball, Grady Sizemore is next up on our trade candidate series.

Sizemore is having a great rebound after being out all but 33 games last season.  Thus far he has posted a line of .357/.400/.714 with 2 HR and 5 RBI in 7 games.  If Sizemore continues, he may have quite a few bidders.  What makes Sizemore a team-friendly case is his contract.  He is scheduled to make $7.5MM this season with an $8.5MM team option. Well, let’s get down to business and predict some fits:

Washington Nationals – There a top candidate to acquire almost any top CF option.  These options include BJ Upton, Matt Kemp, Michael Bourn and of course, Grady Sizemore.  Michael Bourn is cheaper, but Sizemore can give alot more.  The Nationals payroll this season is at $68,306,929.  They pursued all top free agents last season like Cliff Lee and came up short.  They have the money to spend for Sizemore.  Sizemore is the most expensive out of the above options but is only scheduled to make $7.5MM as I said before.  Look for the Nationals to purusue all these options!

Texas Rangers – I listed them as an option for Upton, as well.  Right now, they have Julio Borbon in center field.  Borbon is only scheduled to make $490K this season so he is a cheap center field option.  They could still acquire Sizemore and use Borbon as a 4th OF.  They have Jurickson Profar who has been in recent trade rumors and could be used as prime trade bait.  If the Rangers are in contention, which we expect they will be, they could still at least call the Tribe and inquire about him.

Milwaukee Brewers – The Brewers are rumored to try to acquire a bunch of big names including Jose Reyes.  They need a center fielder.  There current center fielder is Carlos Gomez.  However, the Brewers farm system is picked clean after acquiring Zack Greinke and Shaun Marcum.  The Brewers need a center fielder and shortstop.  Jose Reyes and Sizemore are great fits if they plan to do an “all or nothing” type of season.

These are the top 3 destinations for Grady.  The San Francisco Giants and Atlanta Braves are candidates too, but they have the untradeable contracts in Nate McLouth and Aaron Rowand. If they can somehow get rid of them, they will also be in the running to acquire Sizemore.  This is pending of course, they are in contention, which they should be.

Revisiting Roy Halladay – Rays Trade

Back in 2009, almost every team was willing to give a little for Roy Hallday.

Even the low market team Tampa Bay Rays were said to be willing to offer Wade Davis and BJ Upton.  The Rays denied this rumor, but Upton was connected.

It is highly unlikely the Rays could give Halladay the 3yr/$60MM that the Phillies gave him when he was ultimately traded to the Phillies on December 16, 2009 for Travis D’Arnaud, Michael Taylor and Kyle Drabek.

Let’s look at the salaries each player was scheduled to make in 2010:

Wade Davis – $404,900

BJ Upton – $3MM

Roy Halladay – $15.75MM

So, if this deal was to go down, the Rays would be adding $12,345,100 more to their payroll.  Maybe he would have been a Rays rental?

Let’s look at each players eventual 2010 stats:

BJ Upton – .237/.322/.424  18 HR  64 RBI 164 K’s  42 SB

Wade Davis – 12-10  4.07 ERA  168 IP 113 K’s

Not to shabby, although, Upton was a disappointment.

Now let’s look at Halladay:

2010: 21-10  2.44 ERA  9 CG  4 SHO  250.2 IP  219 K’s  30 BB

Not to mention an All-Star appearance and an NL Cy Young award.

Looking back, I’m sure Andrew Friedman would have, and should have pulled the trigger.

Trade Candidate: BJ Upton

Once a highly touted SS prospect, now CF, BJ Upton is a trade candidate.  If the Rays become sellers, he will almost definitely be traded, but he may be traded regardless.  BJ Upton is off to a .250/.350/.423 start with 2 HR and 5 RBI, which is a positive sign for the Rays, considering he hadn’t hit above .250 since 2008.  So what teams might be interested in the CF?  Here are some possible destinations:

Washington Nationals – Recently posted, the Nationals have scouted Upton, but are no longer interested in trading for Upton.  If the Rays become sellers, and Upton is having a great season, the Nationals might just rethink a possible acquisition of this once great prospect.  Right now, the Nationals starting CF is Rick Ankiel, so Upton is a clear upgrade. Upton also has experience at 3B and 2B.

Atlanta Braves – The Braves could be a possible landing spot for not only Upton, but Matt Kemp if he becomes available.  The only thing holding Upton from being a Brave back is the overpaid Nate McLouth who is scheduled to make $7MM this season.  If the Braves can finagle a deal to lose McLouth, they could acquire Upton which would also reduce their payroll by $2.175MM, not too shabby.

Milwaukee Brewers – The Milwaukee Brewers might be buying, alot, come the trade deadline.  BJ Upton is a clear upgrade over both Carlos Gomez and Nyjer Morgan.  The Brewers could also pusue Jose Reyes, but it’s not probable that they could afford both Upton and Reyes.  If they lose out on Reyes, Upton could be a potential target.  The biggest question is which prospects can they give up? Their farm system has been picked cle

Texas Rangers – A longshot, yes, but the Rangers could be poised for yet another World Series run, and who better to compliment that run than BJ Upton?  It’s a tough call, the Rangers have Julio Borbon, who they seem satisfied with, but the Rangers are still a candidate considering their payroll and Upton is scheduled to make just under $5MM this season.  I’d give this a <10% chance of happening, but nonethless, a chance.

Out of all the options, I believe the Nationals are the best candidate, even though they claim they are no longer interested.  In order, I’d say, Nationals, Brewers, Braves, Rangers.  Braves come in at third because of McLouth, and the Rangers, like I said, seem satisfied with Borbon.  Brewers are at number two because they could be HUGE buyers.

85% chance Upton is traded before the deadline.

Yankees Need Relief; Possible Acquisitions?

The Yankees have addressed they need relief help after the Pedro Feliciano injury. Who are some possible candidates the Yankees could acquire?

John Grabow – John Grabow is a very interesting case.  His contract which is worth $7.5MM over 2 years, which he signed with the Chicago Cubs in 2009 after he was traded with Tom Gorzelanny to Chicago, expires at the end of the season and is due to make $4.8MM this season.  Pretty costly, but it is the Yankees.  This season, Grabow has only thrown 1.2 IP against lefties but has a K/9 of above 10! That’s great! The Yankees need someone you can utilize lefties and if Grabow can continue, he is a solid candidate.  Grabow is off to an abysmal start of 0-0 with a 10.80 ERA in 5 innings of work but can only improve, right? Last season wasn’t so hot either, a 1-3 record with a 7.36 ERA in 25.2 IP.  The Cubs won’t ask for a lot, and he can help the Yankees out, if he continues.

Javier Lopez – One of the Giants better relievers, Lopez is a two time World Series champion with the Giants and Red Sox.  Lopez is also a guy whose contract expires at the end of the season, after signing a 1yr/$2.38MM deal with the Giants.  Lopez has tons of great stats against lefties this season.  Only 2.2 IP, yes but lefties have an opposing batting average of .182 against him and he holds a 6.75 K/9 agains them.  He’s cheaper, and arguably better, than John Grabow.

Those are two really solid options the Yankees could look into who could help solidify the bullpen even more, considering their need for lefties.

Oakland Athletics Acquire David Purcey

The Oakland Athletics have acquired LHP, David Purcey from the Toronto in exchange for former Blue Jays minor leaguer, Danny Farqhuar.

This deal comes after a week of Purcey being designated for assignment. After the designation, Toronto Blue Jays general manager, Alex Anthropoulus said he would like to trade the lefty, and he has.

Danny Farqhuar was traded to Oakland in the Rajai Davis deal.