Fantasy Questions (MLB)


12 responses to “Fantasy Questions (MLB)

  1. chris ⋅

    What do you think of Rafeal Soriano this year? Should I drop him since he is not a closer (will not record saves) and will be pitching limited innings?

  2. Trevor ⋅

    Hey so I just picked up Sean Rodriguez off waivers because he has 2B and OF eligibility and will probably gain 3B at some point. What type of season do you see him having? Is there a lot of upside? Thanks

    • It depends on the size of your league. However, with a 2B and OF eligibility and potentially a 3B eligibility, he is a solid option.

      We see a .255-.260 season with 11 HRs and 53 RBI.

  3. Justin ⋅

    Is howard and papelbon for crawford and perez a good fair trade

    • First off, Happy Easter!

      Depends on your OF depth and your plan for 1B after you trade Howard.

      Papelbon appears to be back to his old form and Perez seems iffy. Crawford is great, yes, but it depends on your OF and your plan for 1B afterwards! Please post this and I can give you a better answer.

  4. Luke McKenna ⋅

    Would it be smart for me to drop Joe Nathan to pick up Brett Gardner? My lineup is pretty stacked and I have some speed in my outfield ie. Juan Pierre, Jacoby Ellsbury, and Ichiro. Also, my bullpen is currently really weak. My only other options at closer are Joel Hanrahan and Frank Francisco. April has been a crazy month for bullpens all over the MLB and Mr. Gardner as well. Hopefully you see my dilemma and have some sound advice. Please hurry because if Brett keeps on this hot streak he may be gone before I get the chance! Thanks!

  5. Cisco Jimenez ⋅

    Hey guys, i need some help in fantasy baseball.
    I got offered a trade and i wanna know u guys thinks about it. tell me if it favors me or not.
    I give: jason heyward
    i get: dan uggla and joe mauer.

    respond quickly please !

    • Hey Cisco.

      Well, your getting legit talent in Uggla and Mauer. I’m not sure who your catcher, 2B or OFs are but based on talent, this trade favors you

      Also, visit our new all exclusive Fantasy site at

      Post questions there my friend!

      • Cisco Jimenez ⋅

        Thanks for the advice but the other guy doesn’t want the trade anymore.
        Anyways, I want some advice on how to improve my roster. If i need some help, gimme some trades i can offer. well heres my roster:
        C: Brian Mccann
        1B: joey votto,
        2B:brandon philips, brian roberts
        3B:pedro alvarez and kevin youkillis
        SS: Stephen Drew
        OF: hunter pence, ryan braun, jason heyward, chris young, vladimir guerrero, colby rasmus, michael bourn,
        P: dodgers, brewers
        P.S my record is 3-3.

  6. Cisco.

    At this point, it would be safe to try and trade the following:

    Brian Roberts
    Pedro Alvarez
    Chris Young
    Vladamir Guerrero
    Michael Bourn

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